East Anglia Open Data Sources

Norfolk insight


Norfolk Insight, previously known as Norfolk Data Observatory, is a resource for exploring key information, data and intelligence about Norfolk and its local communities. At the heart of the website, is the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, an overall analysis of the health and wellbeing needs of the people of Norfolk. The JSNA utilises a wide range of the information included on the website, providing analysis of the information to assist in planning the most appropriate services for the future.

Norfolk County Council


We have published below information about Chief Officers' salaries, Chief Officers' and Members' expenses, and spend with suppliers. Depending on level of interest, take-up, cost and advice from central government, we may publish more information in open format in due course.

Broadland District Council


Broadland District Council will therefore publish its data on spending and senior salaries regularly in this section.

South Cambridgeshire District Council


South Cambridgeshire District Council is committed to making as much of the non-personal data that it holds as possible, freely available to the public and other organisations. The data that is available so far is listed below along with the format in which it is being supplied. Data sets available : Assets [map] , Payments to suppliers [csv] , Senior staff salaries [csv]

Environment Agency - East of England


... downloadable data tables showing site inputs and capacity at permitted facilities in 2007 and waste management trends. You can access comparative data from other regions or get an overview by comparing the East of England to England and Wales...

National Data Sources

Guardian Data


Governments around the globe are opening up their data vaults allowing you to check out the numbers for yourself. Search for government data here from countries, cities and states around the world and we're adding more all the time.

Ordnance Survey open data


With OS OpenData?, you can access a selection of the most detailed mapping datasets available for Great Britain.



The Government is releasing public data to help people understand how government works and how policies are made. Some of this data is already available, but data.gov.uk brings it together in one searchable website.

Read Write Web Article


Blog article that lists sites collating open data sources

Portable Antiquities


The Scheme's database holds records of artefacts and coins found by the public, whilst pursuing a wide range of activities (the majority from metal detecting). We do not record details of objects found by archaeologists, and these data can be found within the local Historic Environment Office.

World Bank


The World Bank Indicators API lets you programmatically access more than 3,000 indicators and query the data in several ways, using parameters to specify your request. Many data series date back 50 years, and can be used to create interesting applications. Data sets such as the World Development Indicators (with 100 indicators), Africa Development Indicators, and Millennium Development Goal (MDG) indicators are available in several languages.

Other useful sites:

Guardian Open Platform


We are increasingly opening our tools and resources to create more opportunity for application developers. Whether you want to reach wider audiences, engage users more deeply or develop innovative advertising campaigns we have a range of services that can accelerate your digital ambitions.

Open Street Map


OpenStreetMap allows you to view, edit and use geographical data in a collaborative way from anywhere on Earth.



DBpedia is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia, and to link other data sets on the Web to Wikipedia data.

Google Refine


Google Refine is a power tool for working with messy data, cleaning it up, transforming it from one format into another, extending it with web services, and linking it to databases like Freebase.



An entity graph of people, places and things, built by a community that loves open data.